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Writing & Editing Projects

Writer/Editor: Jan Wellik

I am passionate about writing poetry, essays and articles for newspapers and magazines for over 20 years. I also love helping others with writing projects as the editor. Here's a snapshot of my recent writing and editing work.


Coulee Region Women's magazine

"Freeing Up Space" - June/July 2023 (p.31-32)

"A Room of Her Own" - Dec. 2022/Jan. 2023 (p.27-28)

"The Challenge of Childcare" - Oct/Nov 2022 (p.19)

"Envision Yourself in these Places" - June/July 2022 (p.17)

"Whole Child Learning" - Apr/May 2022 (p.35)

"Baking for the Art of It" - Feb/Mar 2022 (p.27-28)

"Growing Confidence for Future Generations" - Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022 (p.33-34)

"Compassion and Hope" - Oct/Nov 2021 (p.18)

"Taking Pride in our Schools" - Aug/Sept. 2021 (p.40)

"Healing Family Systems" - June/July 2021 (p.41-42)

"A Place to Belong" - April/May 2021 (p.34-35)

"Staying Positive in Unknown Times" - Feb/Mar 2021 (p.33)

"Overcoming Challenges to Realize a Dream" - Feb/Mar 2021 (p.34)

"Hands-on Help for Virtual Learning" - Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021 (p.21-22)

"Big Sisters, Everyday Heroes" - June/July 2020 (p.39-40)

Link to CRW website:

Freelance Articles

  • "Turning Green Wood into Spoons" - Arts Midwest - Sept. 2023:

  • Outdoor Education during the pandemic article for UW-La Crosse Menard Family Initiative Brief Economic Articles 2022

  • Creating Community in Creative Space article for UW-La Crosse Menard Family Initiative Brief Economic Articles 2020

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